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专栏:群星朝圣 库里已经成为美国偶像

February If you look at the Warriors game, you will always find some celebrity faces. It feels like the movie "Valentine's help" nba coins for sale (1991 movie, Mystery Date) in the plot: Which big star there tonight pilgrimage to the Warriors.


Toronto rapper Drake; Milwaukee is Aaron - Rogers (NFL Green Bay Packers quarterback), appears in Washington is Alex - Orville Klitschko (NHL players) and DeShawn - Jacksonville (NFL Washington Redskins wide receiver). In their home in Auckland, coming out of the star are too numerous: Van - Vin Diesel (famous movie star), Manny - Manny Pacquiao (Muhammad), Dave - Chapel (comedian), and so on. A few weeks ago when Curry injury to the tibia, Messi sent his shin pads.

Warriors and Thunder race day, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kendrick - Lamar, Kate - Hudson, Terrell - Owens, Jim - Habo Fu, etc. have a ticket to watch the stars, according to Warriors who ticketing introduction, no one to take the tickets. Many famous people could not even get a seat on the spot of the game, the Warriors are also currently in the league can only be considered favorites, nba 2k mt coins did not reserve seats practices celebrities. In fact, the warriors celebrities seat is for Google, Oracle and Uber executives these large companies to prepare, they are much richer than ordinary celebrity.


So this can only pray that the star Usher, rapper T.I. waited until halftime votes yet admitted, his agent can only sell tickets to people pleaded. "If people do not approach buying, please give us the ticket."


Useless, Warriors and Thunder home game, only one ticket fans missed the game.


Only one.


Oscar - Robertson believes "NBA team does not have a serious defense Curry" was really funny, he has League Pass it? All teams are defensive brains Curry, buy nba 2k16 coins he was constantly double-teamed, in addition to create his own shot, he rarely has the opportunity to open shots. - Even those outside the audience trying to distract him.


"Especially at the corner." Curry said. "You can hear the person on the bench constantly roaring in your ears, they kept stomping, you can hear the sound of them waving a towel, but I catch even two seconds to shoot do not need, so they had better add the efforts now. "


After experiencing a long flight arriving in Philadelphia, Curry training into the Arena before the shooting, which has voices.


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