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沃克34分7篮板6助攻 黄蜂擒森林狼稳居第六

NBA regular season continues, nba coins for sale the Hornets 108-103 home win over the Timberwolves, made four straight at the same time, continues to dominate the eastern part of the sixth.


Kemba Hornets - Walker 34 points, seven rebounds and six assists, Batum 11 points, Marvin - Williams 15 points, Al - Al Jefferson scored 20 points and six rebounds off the bench, Lin 8 vote 1, 6 free throws 9 points and 5 assists;


WEST Minnesota thirteenth, starting all scored in double figures, Wiggins 25 points, 28 points and 14 rebounds Downs, Lavin 19 points, nba mt coins Rubio 10 points and 10 assists, 12 points and 9 rebounds Dean.


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