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NBA regular season rematch, rocket away 113-107 victory over the Raptors reversed, this is the team since March 2007 for the first time win away opponents.


The Rockets played distal 36-22, Harden 40 points and 14 assists (18 points distal), Howard 21 points and 11 rebounds, Brewer 23 points; buy nba 2k16 mt  Scola 21 points Raptors DeRozan 19 points, six rebounds and seven assists Lori 17 points and nine assists.

Raptors coach before Casey stressed the importance of the prevent Harden, Raptors James - Johnson promoted to starter, Harden opening the first attack when he was cast Trey Johnson cover. Harden still steals fast-break basket to punch into the rocket's first goal. In Harden assists, the Howard basket nearly three-point play to find the state, he has a dunk after another rocket hit 10-4 start.


Rockets Ariza arrangements to guard DeRozan, Beverly Lowry also take strict precautions against the Raptors backcourt binary first section is a total 0 3 vote. But Beverly "bite" Lori received a technical foul, which became a turning point in the game, Johnson scored three-pointers, scored 11 points in the first section Scola also hit the long shot, the Raptors 24-11 offensive formation after to establish superiority. Howard scored the first 10 points, the Rockets are still 26-30 behind.


Nearly 70 games, rocket-pointers was 12, into the second holiday this war and the development of three-pointers to vote 1 9. 2k16 mt The first section did not score Lori consecutive cut points, led the Raptors to establish a double-digit advantage.


Inside the rocket is also in trouble, Lori Howard to stick around, face and arms raised in contact Howard fell back to the ground, Howard is determined to a flagrant foul penalty complain Bickerstaff received a technical foul. Lori consecutive free throws and then launched into pointers, the Raptors opened the score to 49-31. Section Lori half time scored 10 points.


Brewer before halftime connected to two three-pointers, the Rockets chase 51-61. But the Rockets went 4 of 14 three-pointers in the efficiency is still awkward.


The first half only 3 points in the third quarter of DeRozan fired him leading 6-0 offensive after the Raptors opened the score to 67-51. Rockets in the third quarter before six minutes only once formed a three-point shot, Harden leader insisted impact inside, single Harden scored 12 points.


Rockets Ariza put forward as a small lineup, the idea of ​​seeking speed, the scenes have been magnified Brewer, Brewer III rear section and connected to the two three-pointers, the Rockets will be worse once narrowed to 6 points. Three rocket cruised to 77-85 behind.


Brewer distal opening reentry pointers, Harden also cut long shot after the rocket chase 83-85 minutes. Lori and Terence - Ross connected to the long shot, and sometimes lead the Raptors and stable situation. Chopped 9 points Harden led the Rockets continue to pursue, nba mt coins Casey received a technical foul for protesting the penalty. Ariza connected to the distal middle 2-pointers, Lori after an offensive foul, Harden 14 assists to help the first empty then dunk Howard, the Rockets lead to 102-99.


Patterson also prove "rocket Jiujiang" fighting, his three-pointers tied the score. Both sides see-saw to the 104 level after DeRozan red basket makes Howard fouled out 6.


Harden quickly launched into pointers to help the Rockets ahead, after Capella seal Kyle Lowry Harden foul two free throws; and this Houkapeila seal Demar DeRozan Like DeRozan down Beverly is determined a foul, free throws up points Beverly; DeRozan jumper Beverly guarantee rebounds, Brewer Capella empty then dunk to help the Rockets 112-105 lead.


Countdown stage Raptors are still those firms, myteam coins Harden out of bounds before the ball hit the ground Lori body to ensure that the ball also locked rocket rocket victory. Harden then to free throws up points, the Rockets to 113-107 win over the Raptors.



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