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    Michael Jordan’s 1995-1996 season for the Chicago Bulls is considered by experts and NBA 2K16 as one of the greatest in the history of the sport. Jordan has a 99 overall for that season and is the  only player to have that rating in the game.2k16 myteam coins for sale hot on sale.
    Stephen Curry is getting closer to that rating, which is no surprise since this season has been great for the Warriors and the star point guard. His team is also going after the regular season wins record held by the Bulls. The Chicago Bulls finished the campaign at 72-10. The Golden State Warriors are currently 54-5 and would set a new win record if they lose less than five games during the rest of the regular season. Five losses would match the Bulls record. The Warriors will play the Thunder tonight, a team they beat by three points one game ago, so this should be fun to watch.
    Curry is putting up great numbers and his moves have proven difficult to replicate for the game developer. The studio has improved his rating and done a few things to make it as realistic as possible, but there’s still a lot of work left. Curry’s ability to shoot from anywhere in the court and the things he does every game have impressed fans and studio behind NBA 2K16. It will be interesting to see how Curry will be in next year’s edition. Buy nba 2k16 mt coins with fast delivery.

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