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进军季后赛 吉诺比利将迎来复出

Just 15 minutes before the end of the Spurs and Pistons game, Manu - Manu Ginobili in the team's locker room, reporters and announce that you are going to usher in a comeback.


Previously, because of testicular surgery Ginobili has missed 11 games, cheap nba 2k coins although no exact timetable for the return, but he said he would return to usher in the next week:. "I'm sure it will happen."


During this time, Manu body recovers very well, he told reporters: "never before encountered such a situation, the doctor said he has not met the athletes affected by this injury, he has no experience, so we only bite the bullet and explore countermeasures, but a few days ago, the doctor told me I could move freely, and as long as I did not feel pain or discomfort is like. "


Manu joined the group Monday Tuesday training open to the media at the time of the interview, did not see him because of physical discomfort and left behind. However, in these days of training, more time or in Manu and video analysts together.


Although before the start of the season has already begun to consider the issue of retirement, but Manu believes that if his own misfortune due to this injury is 'idiot' idea. "I think I recovered well, so I do a basketball training, buy nba mt coins strength training and coordination training, feeling good. Now I'm ready to play the match."


Speaking of this unprecedented Ginobili injury that dates back to February 3 against Pelicans game: pointer with 2 minutes 26 seconds, Ginobili turned Leon - when Anderson, the latter's right knee hit him sensitive parts. The team issued a statement: Manu will be out for at least a month of competition.


"It was the bottom line, I made the unfortunate event of a cause of action by a serious injury, no one wants to happen like this. It makes me leave the stadium nearly a month, which Mrs. pain! The first week particularly tough, but later gradually getting better. "Speaking of injuries, are really full of tears ah.


Today, a war, Spurs playoff spot locked in advance. myteam coins "I will not hesitate, do not worry, it is time to return to the stadium." Manu can not wait to express his determination.


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