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    Beijing on December 31 , today is the US time on December 30 , LeBron - James usher in 31 birthday, he made ​​a picture on social media celebrate. cheap nba 2k16 mt coins on sale now.
    James in the photo with a little basketball, happy carefree, side is filled with a birthday present. James said forward steps will not slow down, and thank you for your birthday wishes. # # the pursuit of great akron.
    In an interview with ESPN , and James expressed satisfaction with the present life , I do not want to go back .
    " I mean, I really like 18 years old , 19 years old , or even 20 years old , I feel 21 years old , but I enjoy doing things today , this is no way to compare ," James said. " I want to say is that I live with 18, 19 -year-old is now immeasurably . I do not want to return to the old days , I'm so happy , I feel good ."
    " Calm and peaceful day, this is what I want to give him a gift , " Cavaliers coach Sepp Blatter said. "If I can, I will give him , but I can not do ...... no one bothered even a day time will do ." buy nba 2k16 mt with fast delivery.

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