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    Beijing on December 29 Nbacoinsbuy.com news , the Golden State Warriors 122-103 victory over the Kings at home to get five in a row , they headed star - Stephen Curry eye-catching performance . nba 2k16 mt coins on sale,Curry took less than three times to complete the three pairs , and also created a new career high rebounds .
    Curry finished with 23 points , 14 rebounds and 10 assists , watching his rebounding , people will initial reaction is reversed and assists . 14 rebounds let Curry has created new career rebounding record , his original rebounding record is 13 , which is to get at December 28, 2013 at home against the sun , coincidentally the same library that game to get three double , his data is 14 points, 16 assists and 13 rebounds.
    As a point guard, plus the team has Green , Andrew Bogut presence of such rebounder , Curry in the field do not need to scramble too much rebounds. But today he is obviously different , perhaps poor state after the opening attack , which makes Curry to focus more on other aspects , such as rebounds and assists , and that makes him extraordinarily high rebounding . Not today's game, Curry career rebounds double screening a total of only 14 times, but in December where he has twice rebounds double performance. December 12 against the Celtics guest , Curry grabbed 11 rebounds, Dec. 19 vs. Milwaukee , he grabbed 10 rebounds, and from these games , the Curry recent fighting in rebounds It is also very positive .
    Watching Curry became a team in rebounding , fans can not help but quipped : "This is there no justice yet Curry actually robbed so many rebounds ? ! " , Then really nothing wrong with friends , Curry 's shooting has been "Metamorphosis prospective ", and if he becomes the court 's rebounding , which makes opponents also how to live it , so how can we defend Curry yet.
    For the Warriors , see Curry state so good , they will naturally be very happy , and when the rebound scramble Curry also so positive , they may be better at rebounding , his performance also can drive around teammates .buy nba 2k16 coins to get more for free.Although the Warriors open season record excellent, but their defense is not as good as last season so well , and this is where they are less satisfied . Curry on such a positive competition in rebounding , he is equal to his teammates sent a signal that they want on rebounding and defense are more active .

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