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    For an ordinary fans, we will see one of the greatest players in the history of Christmas day , it was the last time he stood on the stage of the Christmas wars .
    Nbacoinsbuy.com news,GMT Saturday 11:30 , 37 - Kobe Bryant is about to usher in their 16th Christmas Day game , the opponent is the city of Los Angeles Clippers . nba 2k16 mt coins on sale on christmas day.
    Union will "Bryant VS LeBron " signs as the day has gone, but among his first 20 seasons and last season, the fifth winner of the championship from the beginning of the season has been struggling to break free .
    After beginning the season with a 30% hit rate continues blacksmith , Bryant seemed to December ushered in turn 180 °. Over the past nine games , he scored five times over 20 , and in the beginning of the season 17 games only four times to do this. More importantly, during which he was cast out of his 45 percent shooting ( 60 of 132 cast ) .
    "I feel good . My legs feel good. I played more like myself, " says Bryant recently . "...... I feel like I can control the game I seem to be able to read everything I can go to my position want - although I do not think so fast, but I really can get there ."
    Of course , the Lakers in nine games still lost seven games , accumulating his own losing streak . But finished the fans enjoy Pelican VS Miami Heat , the Bulls VS Thunder , Knight VS Warriors , Rockets VS Spurs after these big feast , Bryant had a chance to at least let you disappointed.
    Bryant's career best performance from Christmas Day 2009 , when LeBron and the Cavaliers , he was under the H- 35 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists. Christmas Eve scored a personal -high 42 points while Kobe Bryant , who lead the league with 383 points scoring Christmas war history , where he had to face Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade led the Heat in 2004. And then in the field accompanied by Bryant , or Zhumei because - Jones , Chucky - Atkins , Lamar - Lamar Odom and Chris - Mihm. buy nba 2k16 coins to get more for free.
    Kobe Bryant scored no longer have such explosive power , but to tell you to pick up his latest , he could well done this last Christmas show in the world face the audience .
    For 37 -year-old Bryant and the Lakers 5 wins and 24 losses , the championship is no longer occupy their wish list. A different kind of Christmas is sufficient to say goodbye to the fans of youth.

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