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    Beijing on December 4 - Kobe Bryant was interviewed by TNT , he talked about his career opponents and for him the most special of a championship. nba 2k16 coins on sale now.
    When asked who is talking about Kobe Bryant faced so far the best competitors , Bryant admitted: " Michael - Jordan and Allen - Allen Iverson is my mind immediately emerge out of the two names, because they are will the strong man, the amazing tenacity of Jordan , Pippen , too . and Iverson is unyielding , he kept advancing forward outset proceeds from the game. I have seen the two men most competitive rival forces . "
    The reporter then asked which opponents had the most to cause trouble Kobe Bryant back and said: "That is Tony - Allen , he is a very good defender ."
    When it comes to basketball who the greatest impact on Bryant , Bryant was without hesitation say three names : - Michael Jordan , Bill - Russell and Jerry - West . He thanked the three greatest players of his guidance and support.
    So far his career , Bryant won a total of five championships , he will beat the Celtics won in 2010 , named the most special for him once . "Because they have three Hall of Fame -level players , and when we win the tie-break 2-3 behind in the case when in 2008 they had beat us two teams before history, I took a finger injury stroke , and so on, and everything that makes the championship the most special . " Bryant said . buy cheap nba 2k16 mt coins with fast delivery.

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