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    Beijing on December 3 , the Los Angeles Lakers away to the Washington Wizards , and ultimately with Bryant at a critical time of five minutes to clinch victory , leading the team to the first three games of the season victory. nba 2k16 mt coins on sale with fast delivery.
    Today , VeriSign Forest Center Arena was packed, fans everywhere wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey , Bryant's every shot will attract everyone's attention , the goal will be to win the cheers of the fans in Washington , they will feel the same no dropped regret. With a smile after the game, Bryant was interviewed , " I thought everyone hated me ," he said , "It feels great ."
    Bryant played the game the best battle of the season so far , the United States still picturesque fadeaway jumper , pull-third still stable, Accurate , scored a season-high 31 points.
    Clarkson also conceal his joy , "It's like a movie , Bryant took over the game completely crucial moment , he threw so wonderful goal , this is crazy ."
    Russell talked about Bryant 's performance last time , he said he hoped every great moment , bearing in mind Kobe . " I witnessed it all, simply become a fan ."
    In addition , Bryant also said he feels good in the past two weeks , "My legs start to keep up with the rhythm ." He said.
    Today, Bryant also visited the White House , with Obama for a short exchange , " the things we talked about the game, but also the future and the next intention ." Bryant said. buy cheap nba 2k6 coins to get more for free.

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