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    Beijing time on November 30 - Kobe Bryant wrote the NBA announced that he will bid farewell to the end of the season , officially retired as a player . NBA president of Adam - Silverstone is also the first time issued a statement to thank the outstanding contribution made ​​by Kobe Bryant of the entire league. cheap and fast nba 2k16 coins on sale.
    " 17 -time All -Star , an NBA Most Valuable Player trophy , with the Lakers won five NBA championships , won two Olympic gold medals , coupled with the persistent attitude , Bryant is the whole history of our sport 's greatest players one , whether it is relentless loves the NBA Finals , or the midnight nobody empty training center in which recorded jumper , Bryant have shown no reservations for the love of the sport . "
    "And in the range of hundreds of millions of fans around the world together with Kobe , I congratulate him play such a distinguished career , he left the world but also for the wonderful memories of countless exciting to thank him ." Buy nba 2k16 mt coins to get more for free.

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