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    Recently, with the "NBA 2K16" iOS version on the line , 2K 's NBA game for the other models - for mobile platform to launch the game "MyNBA2K16" iOS version also will be on the line . "MyNBA2K16" is a free download of the game , can be Xbox, PSN, Steam and other 2K Games account login, but also through Facebook or game center login.nba 2k16 mt coins on sale.
    This generation game , the most highlights a major feature is the newly expanded social system , when faced with a variety of domestic hand travel recharge chat lottery information in "MyNBA2K16" chat platform , you can completely feel focus on basketball players and love . All players can chat , or other players became friends , discuss favorite basketball game or players together .
    In addition , the game's regular game mode , will use the card game mode, players can more fully use up their time to the fragmentation of the game , but also highlight the game features a mobile terminal .
    The other big feature is by former generations continues to this day , the game host and PC versions of the linkage. Players can get "NBA 2K16" virtual currency (VC) through some simple way , that the host and the PC gamers is undoubtedly a very affordable thing.Buy cheap nba 2k16 coins with fast delivery.

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