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    For those who love the game , and he likes the NBA basketball fans who , by the 2K sports development "NBA 2K" series of athletic games is a rare game . nba 2k16 mt coins hot on sale.you can experience a different kind of basketball fun basketball court outside , you can also virtual experience beyond the TV screen and the real NBA basketball arena on September 29 "NBA 2K16" officially released the long-awaited masterpiece of basketball , finally appeared .
    Realistic upgrade again , the picture quality improvement, players coordinate action more real , character models and facial details more realistic , action feeling stronger. Player models fine scan modeling , face, hair, stature , arm length ratio is almost the same with the real NBA players, each player habitual action , will also appear on top of the game. Compared to its predecessor , "NBA2K16" The picture is more realistic.
    In terms of game play , "NBA2K16" adding a new 12 classic teams in the game , you can feel across time and space basketball rivalry , and the computer AI enhancements , the overall difficulty of the game to enhance the same time, a stronger operational and realistic , AI smart interception , allowing the player to just visited the stadium as tactical and practical experience will allow you to play basketball in the game easier.buy cheap nba 2k16 coins,with fast delivery. If you are in a real basketball master, then in the game as you can play out wonderful.

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