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    Saw some videos on Youtube Myteam teach people how to enter the black market, it seems to view his player card to double it, find runes and the like, can be set to enter the black market five limited time, and he did not try too, it looks like a glitch.here show to everybody.if you are going to buy some nba 2k16 mt coins,here is a best choice,cheapest and fast.

There are four kinds of entering the black market you can buy:
1.EXCLUSIVE ZEBRA BALL MT $ 100,000 can buy a quantity 1,
2.EXCLUSIVE ROOKIE OF YEAR WINNERS BOX MT $ 42,750 VC $ 75,000 to buy the number 3,
3.DIAMOND AIR JORDAN 3 MT $ 150,000 to buy the number 1, is a pair of diamond JORDAN 3 speed permanent equipment +9
4.DIAMOND CONTRACT CARD MT $ 25,000 can buy quantity 4,

    Diamond card is a permanent contract contract card sets up this contract players not equipped .there is a little more important is that the black market open only four hours can save more money with the best in open !!

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