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    Not long ago, the US NBA Los Angeles Lakers officially signed Mehta Wald Pease (hereinafter: Metta World Peace, formerly known as: Ron Artest), or is the "Friends of Panda." Today, NBA2K16 announced on Twitter the Lakers' former champions return 2K games, hear this, James Harden you shaking it? nba 2k16 mt coins on sale now.
    Twitter posted a picture from the point of view, Metta World Peace's face is still quite realistic.
    Of course,return Lakers this time,Metta World Peace is more of a mentor to play identity, to teach a group of new players the Lakers.
    More curious is that when the NBA2K16 stadium, Harden and Metta World Peace on the bit when it will happen to an interesting story? 2K whether to Metta World Peace joined the "one-button Auburn Hills Palace" functions?
    I believe the audience familiar with the NBA's remember, April 23, 2012, the Lakers and the Thunder game, Ci Shiping-stop fast-break dunk (microblogging) was too excited about celebrating waving his big elbow, I do not know is intentional or not, his left elbow heavily fell on James Harden in the head, the latter on the spot fell to the ground, was taken to the locker room and then did not play after the game was diagnosed with a concussion. Metta World Peace was sentenced to two flagrant foul, ejected. At that moment, he was Ron Artest.

     NAB2K series has always emphasized true, then the court fight would happen? NO, although occasionally you will find players entangled together, spray each other trash, rattling, but rest assured, they simply can not afford them. Your teammates will soon come away you.buy cheap nba mt coins to save more money.
     As the season approaches, more and more people change, and NBA2K best bit is that it will be relatively timely updates these changes, let us keep pace with the nba.


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