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    "NBA2K16" in career mode, we need to start playing college basketball, you'll receive an invitation nine universities, then how do you choose? Here we briefly introduce the small partners that nine universities in reading after that, I believe you have a favorite college.buy cheap nba 2k16 mt coins here.

1.University of Kansas: the birthplace of basketball, scored 24 consecutive years of March Madness is the current record, three times champion. Famous famous figures generated by the project, at the University of Kansas basketball history on the emergence of a large number of basketball celebrity.

2.Georgetown University: good production center of the university. Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo and other famous NBA star Allen Iverson.

3.UCLA: UCLA. A total of 11 times won the NCAA championship Group A; 18 times in the semi-finals of the NCAA tournament final.

4.University of Connecticut: NCAA's traditional strong school. - Ray Allen, Caron - Butler, Emeka - Okafor, Rudy - Gay, Kemba - Walker.

5.University of Michigan: Michigan Fab Five's name is a brilliant symbol of the NCAA.

6.Villanova University: now part of the Big East, also a member of the five schools of Philadelphia sports leagues. Randy - Randy Foye, Kyle - Lori.

7.University of North Carolina: Following the University of Kentucky, the second court victory institutions times over 2000 games. The University of North Carolina basketball history was born the most famous athlete in the history of basketball.nba 16 mt coins on sale,don't miss it.

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