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    Many players feel nba2k16 cross body pass too hard.And the defense of others when they easily be broken, here talk briefly about the nba2k16 how to cross body pass, we can refer to some, also welcomed the 2k Great God  sharing your extraordinary skills.nba 2k16 mt coins on sale now,you should not miss it.


     First of all, you get a high enough speed and agility, the ability, the higher the success rate is also higher. You want to choose a center ball to cross body pass that is unrealistic, but is only suitable for small forward two meters, or about 1.98 diminutive. The cross body pass  technique presented here is limited to the ball singles, accelerate the process of running not too practical
     Hold down the accelerator keys, then feel free to press the right stick in one direction until the end of fake, then the second (accelerator keys do not open, according to the mystery before or by the direction of the second direction) and then there will be a right rear, left rear retreat or action immediately before the end of this action in the opposite direction (shift key), there will be a substantial disguised dribble, this 50% can throw off the defensive player Note accelerator keys do not loose, when the direction has been holding down, the action must be convergence, and to be fast, otherwise it is easy to fail, you can own practice patterns to try.buy cheap nba 2k16 mt coins with fast delivery.

    In addition, the right stick down rewind semi-circle, half-circle around another positive spin moves can also be achieved.

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