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That included special Kobe packs and cards as well. However, the new NBA 2K19 Kobe Signature Series packs feature a total of five possible Kobe cards worth scoring. Two of those are Galaxy Opal cards as shown below.During his time in the league he captured multiple All-Star appearances, MVP Awards, scoring titles, and of course five NBA rings. Now he’s being honored as NBA 2K19 Kobe Bryant Signature Series packs have arrived in the nba 2k mt area of the game. Here’s what’s in the packs, how to get them, and some auction information. We previously saw NBA 2K19’s Kobe Bryant day back in February just as the All-Star Game was going to Charlotte. Getting any of those cards is great, but clearly, the Galaxy Opals are the crown jewels of these packs. Having a player of Kobe’s stature with one of those cards in a MyTeam lineup is a beautiful thing. Pair him with other greats like MJ, LeBron, Kareem, and/or Hakeem for what could be a dominant 2k coins. Gamers will have many of these cards on sale at the MyTeam Auction House. We ran a search and saw the 98 Pink Diamond going for 100,000 MT. The 92 Amethyst had end prices between 3,350 and 5,400 MT. However, one of those Galaxy Opals is getting bids from 500,000 to 600,000 MT. If you pull one of those and are a Kobe hater, you just might be tempted to sell at that price.
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