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the NBA 2K19 MyTeam crew brings back some of the best cards in the game through Super Packs. That’s the case on May 29, as they revealed the limited-time NBA Signature Series Super Packs. These special packs give gamers the opportunity to pull some rather impressive cards that are in rotation out there, including the Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan. That tops the list of available cards in these Signature Series Packs. The other way to get these special nba coins would be to head into the NBA 2K19 Auction House. You can run a search through there for the Signature Series under “Theme” and enter a player’s first or last name in the “Name” area. From there, hit the “Options” button on the PS4 controller a few times to run a search. All of the current cards with your specifications will show up. There are also a number of other great cards for Vince Carter, Dwayne Wade, Brandon Roy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Gilbert Arenas. All of these players have Pink nba 2k mt coins, Diamond, and Amethyst cards. Everyone except Michael Jordan also has a Ruby card available in the packs as well.That gives one player and four items inside with a chance to acquire one of the Signature Series collection cards. To purchase 10 packs requires 101,250 MT, while 20 packs will cost 202,500 MT.
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