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As seen in the hype video above, not only does NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 court bring gamers to the underground subway, it also provides some fresh new outfits. Images from the video show off tropical shirts full of color and camouflage outfits. There’s even someone rocking a stylish pair of plaid pants along with a pink sweater/white button-up ensemble. That should help gamers set themselves apart from competitors and gives the new setting a 2k19 coins too as people can simply jump into a game wearing whatever. However, it meant that Playgrounds 2’s online mode was down for several hours. While gamers could play offline, the developers worked to make sure the newest batch of goodies was up and running. Now, there’s a brand new NBA 2K Playgrounds court featuring New York City as well as brand new outfits.They revealed that there’s a brand new location in the game to try out. It pays homage to the New York City’s underground, with a nba 2k mt coins there in the subway station. As seen in the video, it showcases the cool location by including aspects like bucket street drummers and subway signs.
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