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It’s now been in rotation for nearly a year, as September 2019 is quickly approaching. That means EA will announce the official cover athlete ahead of the game’s launch. For 2K19, the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo was on the standard edition while LeBron James was on the special edition of the game. Now as the new nba mt coins of the game approaches, here are some NBA 2K20 cover athlete predictions for the potential star. 2K18 saw Kyrie Irving on the United States game’s cover and DeMar DeRozan on the Canadian game’s front. For 2K17, it was Paul George on the regular edition. Stephen Curry graced 2K16’s cover. His season was criticized heavily, though, and his 18 games sidelined with injury made his debut in Los Angeles seem lackluster to some. However, one has to believe King James will be on a mission for the next season. Another superstar to consider up there with LeBron James is the Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant. He was a cover star on NBA 2K13 but shared the cover with Derrick Rose and 2k coins Griffin. It’s entirely possible that the 2K20 cover will have “KD” exclusively on it this year. After all, he’s become the league’s toughest scorer and a multiple-time champion. Another NBA Finals win for the Warriors will further cement his legacy.
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