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NBA 2KTV’s Alexis Morgan introduced this year’s top play contenders. There are just three up for the award, but the winner walks away with a heft one million in Virtual Currency. Fans will vote to make sure the best of those plays will take home the prize.His top play candidate is for a double-digit comeback in just 20 nba mt coins! That’s play “A” amongst the nominees. There are many hours of NBA 2K19 being logged on a daily basis, but after all those hours it’s come down to three plays. Those three plays are being considered for award of NBA 2K19 Top Play of the Year. Voting for the winner is now underway, as NBA 2KTV recently unveiled the contenders. Meanwhile, the third and final contender @BuskeyAC has the top play of the month. It was a single play, but a mighty one. Buskey’s three-quarters shot with the “and one” is a thing of pure beauty. It’s similar to Sunday night’s Kawhi bounce, only it’s one bounce, and off the top of the nba 2k19 coins before falling into the hoop below! Gamers can vote for play “C” to try to get Buskey the big win here.
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