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These include Virtual Currency, MyTeam nba 2k19 coins, and Tokens. Gamers are able to earn these through various aspects of the game and use them to purchase MyTeam player cards, contracts, and other items. However, those who aren’t deep into the game will mostly be using VC and MT, but not Tokens. Here’s a look at how to get NBA 2K19 Tokens in MyTeam and unlock the Token Market. To get NBA 2K19 Tokens in MyTeam will take a bit of grinding, but it can be well worth it. Tokens are available through participation in the various MyTeam game modes. You can go into the MyTeam area of 2K19 and then to “Single Player.” From there, select “Challenges.” You can choose Weekly, Moments, or Schedule Challenges. Each of these requires winning a series of games or performing a certain stat in a game. Multiplayer Challenges are also available in MyTeam and often can help you win Tokens, so check these out as well. So for example, after you collect your first 20 MyTeam cards you achieve Rookie Level. That earns three Tokens. By collecting 100 cards, you achieve “First Team” and get a MyTeam player card for it. Once you hit 250 2k coins that gets you 10 Tokens, and so on. It continues all the way up to 2,500 cards or G.O.A.T level. That brings a Galaxy Opal Giannis Antetokounmpo with it.
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