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With the excitement of the new NBA 2K League season underway, the NBA 2KTV crew recently covered a number of topics related to the season. These included a look at the TIPOFF tournament which opened the season, as well as a new tactic that many gamers are using to thrive. In addition, NBA 2KTV spoke with two of the current 2k mt Grizzlies players and the NBA 2K Gameplay Director to discuss gameplay feedback. NBA 2K League is just getting started. Their season will move forward over the next several weeks and months to ultimately produce a 2019 champion. As NBA 2KTV’s Blake mentioned, teams are utilizing a new meta in the game known as the takeover mechanic. He said teams are finding whichever player has that takeover cheap nba 2k19 coins going on and making sure they get the easiest buckets possible. Not a bad strategy whatsoever. In addition to those topics, NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang stopped by to talk with Alexis and Chris. He answered gamer questions from social media or elsewhere. Mike spoke about recent gameplay developments including ball tangibility with “IK” and bringing back off-ball offensive movements.
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