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NBA 2K18 is currently allowing those that play the basketball title’s Road to 99 mode to earn double progression from now until January 2 at 11:59pm eastern time. That makes it a prime time to be balling in 2K, even if you should probably be spending time with your family during the holidays. One’s enjoyment of NBA 2K18 will ultimately come down to what they want out of a basketball title. If you just want to play franchise mode and relive some great NBA games as exhibitions then you’ll be thrilled. and also you can buy nba coins from our site.


There simply isn’t a better playing basketball game on the market, and as much as an improvement NBA Live is upon its predecessors it can’t top 2K18 from a strictly mechanical standpoint. If you enjoy taking a created character through a career, and watching them develop, though, you’ll likely wind up being disappointed. This feels like a step backwards. Rarely have I had as many conflicting feelings about a game as much as I do with NBA 2K18. So much about the basketball sim is top-notch, but there are also so many elements that make me want to put it down and never touch it again.


and also you can get nba 2k18 coins from our site. From gross business decisions that get in the way of enjoying modes to adding so many elements that get in the way of simply enjoying the on-court action, it winds up being its own worst enemy. Those who just want a solid basketball game to play exhibition matches won’t find anything better, but the rest of the package winds up stepping on its own feet all too often.

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