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The Philadelphia 76ers are in Houston to play the Rockets at Toyota Center on Monday night, but with the World Series taking place just down the street, they figured it was worth their time to visit two sports venues while they're in town. The 76ers created a bit of a spectacle when they walked onto the field at Minute Maid Park while the Dodgers took batting practice. and also you can buy nba 2k18 mt from our site. Half the basketball team wore Dodgers jerseys; the others opted for Astros jerseys. Most spent a large part of their time near the cages taking photos of their surroundings, posing for selfies with teammates and getting shots of the field in the background. Stauskas wore an Astros jersey, while his teammate, guard T.J. McConnell, opted for the Dodgers.

Stauskas, admittedly not a baseball fan, simply wanted to support the home team. McConnell, however, purposely chose the Dodgers in honor of one of the more popular athletes to play in the City of Brotherly Love. "We play in the city of Philadelphia, and I've grown up watching baseball, and Chase Utley is one of my favorite players of all time," McConnell said. "He's a beloved Philadelphia Phillie who now plays for the Dodgers. and also these nba 2k18 coins belong to you guys. I'm going with the Dodgers on this one." The 76ers, 2-4 in the early stages of the 2017-18 season, will play the Rockets for the second time in a week when they meet at Toyota Center on Monday. They came to Houston by way of Dallas, where they beat the Mavericks on Saturday, 112-110.

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