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The 2017-18 NBA season is coming, and there were many offseason moves that have already created plenty of hype and wild predictions for the year. With opening day arriving Oct. 17, we simulated the 2017-18 season on NBA 2K18. For fairness, we declined all trades throughout the season and, outside of a few injuries, kept the current rosters intact. If this season ends up anything like what 2K predicts, then we are in for a wild ride. and also these nba 2k18 mtbelong to you guys. While the arrival of De’Aaron Fox, Zach Randolph and George Hill has Sacramento Kings fans excited, they won’t be a sixth seed in the stacked Western Conference. The Kings have bolstered point guard play, post presence and veteran leadership, but in reality they will still be a cellar dweller in the powerhouse-filled West.


The Timberwolves added a three-time all star in Jimmy Butler to go alongside budding All-Stars Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, who are both expected to make big jumps in their development this season. In all likelihood, the Spurs will be a top-four team and the Timberwolves will be a top-six seed. If you show me someone not named Drake who actually picked the Raptors as the NBA champions, I’ll show you a liar. Toronto is returning the majority of their roster that got swept by Cleveland so they didn’t make any big improvements personnel wise. and also you can buy cheap nba 2k18 coins from our site. The team did lock up Kyle Lowry to a three-year $93 million contract and forward Serge Ibaka on a three-year $65 million contract, and that is the extent of their offseason moves. Seems realistic enough given that he the number one overall pick for Philadelphia and will likely play a lot of productive minutes barring injury.

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