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Kyrie Irving‘s trade to the Boston Celtics was a landscape-altering move in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. and also these nba 2k18 mt belong to you guys. It was significant in many ways: two conference rivals swapping point guards. a player asking to be traded away from LeBron James, and the Celtics moving on after an emotional season from Isaiah Thomas. There was also a significant corporate decision at risk here, too: NBA 2K18 put Irving on its cover, and now it would be a cover that was obsolete before the game ever came out.


What happened next was obvious: 2K Sports worked overtime to get the right Irving jersey on its cover and give ways fans to get the right version for themselves. and also you can get nba 2k18 coins from our site. But it was far from an easy period for the 2K team. NBA 2K’s Ronnie Singh appeared on the Scoop B Radio podcast and talked about the experience, saying it was really difficult to make the necessary changes to keep the game’s cover and branding up to date.

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