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NBA 2K18 ’s aggressive microtransactions have been a hot topic for gamers over the past few days and it seems fans have found at least one way around them. As recorded by YouTube’s Sweet Cookie, MyGM and MyLeague can be leveraged for some quick upgrades across the board. and also if you want to get the best team, we can give you nba 2k18 coins. Here’s what you have to do:

1.If you’ve recently earned VC, wait at least 10 minutes before your attempt.

2.In MyGM or MyLeague, create a new franchise and delete any you may have in progress.

3.When setting up the franchise, choose a current NBA team and start in the regular season. Finally, select “Start Mode.”

4.Choose any team and advance past the MyLeague automation options.

5.When the calendar appears, choose “auto-generate rookies” from the popup menu.

6.View your navigation screen and scroll over to “Options.” Under the Trades heading, turn CPU trades off.

7.On your first game select “Simulate With Simcast.” Select “Simulate Game,” stop the simulation and choose “Play Game.”

8.Once it loads, open the menu and immediately select “Quit” and “Sim To End.” Ignore the warning that pops up and quit.

9.Back at the calendar, open your nav, scroll to options and change the Simulated Quarter Length to 11 minutes instead of 12.

10.Simulate the next game just as before, and once back at the calendar, bring up your nav and reduce the Simulated Quarter Length by one again. Repeat until the length is five minutes.

11.By then you should’ve played eight full games in the season, and you will be rewarded somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 VC for your efforts.

12. Wait 10 minutes, rinse and repeat. and also these cheap nba 2k18 mt belong to you guys. we will keep this cheap price for a long time.

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