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EA Sports take in great effort to return the NBA Live series to a level of respectability. They finished that goal, but is NBA Live 18 better than NBA 2K18? Let's see it by category. For years, there was no question about the basketball video game you should purchase. and also you can get nba 2k18 coins from our site. NBA 2K has not only been the premier virtual hoops game, it has been the best sports game overall. I applaud EA Sports for bringing the WNBA to NBA Live 18. I frown on the lack of a franchise mode for the ladies' game, but the inclusion is a nice step.



The Drew League, Rucker Park, and other street playground venues also add to the alternative experience. NBA 2K doesn't have the street courts, but its crop of legends and classic teams is impressive. No franchise pays homage to the history of their sport as much as NBA 2K. 2K is often guilty of being more innovative than they are capable of properly executing its brilliant ideas. and also these nba 2k18 mt belong to you guys. The Neighborhood is the latest feature to fall on that double-edged sword. Conceptually, it's fantastic and the open-world feature works more than it fails, but we can't ignore early hiccups that saw fans lose all of their MyCareer progress. NBA Live's The One does a good job crafting a story that included single-player and multiplayer options with street and traditional NBA play. The scope of The One pales in comparison to The Neighborhood, but execution matters, and EA Sports hasn't had as many issues since release.


Some even point to 2K's focus on virtual currency as an issue that dogs the game, but I can't completely agree. You can still earn VC for MyCareer while playing other modes in the game, such as MyGM, MyLeague, PlayNow Online, and MyTeam. It will take you longer to upgrade your player than it does someone who is willing to pay real money, but that's life. Once 2K irons out all of its early issues with The Neighborhood, assuming that happens, 2K will pull away from EA Sports in this area. For now, availability evens the category despite a lack of innovation.

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