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Right from their inception, the Lakers have been winners. They won the championship five out of their first six years in existence. They then went on an 18-season drought without winning a championship; the longest in franchise nba 2k18 reatings. They won consecutive titles on five different occasions, three-peating twice as well. There is a lot that goes into being that successful on the court.


Having a great front office and coaching staff is a must. However, you win games on the court, so the players are of the utmost importance. The Lakers have gotten lucky with how many great players they have had on their rosters.That greatness will be evident in this year’s NBA 2K18 video game. and also these nba 2k18 xbox one mt belong to you guys. It was announced earlier this summer that this year’s game will have an All-Time team for every franchise; that is in addition to their historical teams, such as the 2003-04 Lakers squad. For the All-Time teams, no franchise has a player under an overall rating of 80, but no team comes close to competing with the Lakers.

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