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the Gamer posted a YouTube video showing every team’s roster on NBA 2K18 with each player’s individual rating. The Charlotte Hornets came up 4:14 seconds into the video. It should come to no surprise that Kemba Walker was their highest rated player with an 86 overall rating.A few interesting points are that the Hornets only have two players over an 80 rating and not only over 90. and also you can get cheap mt nba 2k18 from our site.


When NBA 2K17 was released last year, Kemba was an 85 overall. After a career-best season and an all-star appearance, he only got a one point upgrade. Zeller and Lamb each saw a one point increase as well while Kaminsky had the biggest jump going from 74 overall to 76 overall. MKG and Marvin each was downgraded from last year’s game with each being knocked down two overall points.

After being rated an 84 last year, Dwight Howard went down three rating points after a down season with the Atlanta Hawks.Charlotte’s first round pick received a favorable rating and they took notice of Malik Monk’s shooting range as 2K gave him an A- from three. The game is also not very high on MCW as they gave him the lowest rating (71) for an immediate backup nba 2k18 myteam coins on the team. and also they want nba 2k18 pc mt from our site.NBA 2K is trying to make major improvements to their game this year as they introduce The Neighborhood. There will surely be plenty of other new and/or improved game modes on this year’s edition of the game.

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