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Anthony Davis put up a big number when NBA 2K18 player ranking was published by 2K official Sports. But now we know he’s officially atop the list of power forwards in the nba 2k18 game. The extensive run-up to the video game’s annual release which has included a number of surprises and bonuses like all-time teams and even the voices of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. We’ve even seen a bit of gameplay from a GameStop expo.


 The latest bit of excitement has been the reveal of the top 10 centers in the game and, most recently, power forwards. Davis’ 94 beat out Golden State’s Draymond Green’s 88 for the top spot. and also you can get nba 2k18 pc shoes from our site. In fact, there’s a pretty significant drop off after AD top ranking: three 87s — Paul Milsap, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love — round out the top five.It’s always interesting to see how players react to their rankings, and this summer in particular has been very enlightening.


Davis and Cousins certainly have impressed the nba 2k18 mt developers heading into the season, now all they have to do is match that potential on the court. Hopefully it will go better than their careers together did in NBA 2K17.

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