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Beijing time on August 23, the Celtics officially announced that the team transfer a small Thomas, Jay - Claude, center Ante - day odd and 2018 first round of the signing, from the Cavaliers get the four All-Star Kay - Irving. and also these buy mt belong to you guys. "Kerry is one of the best scorers in the league, and he has proved himself in the biggest final stage during the past three years, he is the NBA championship, the Olympic championship and the fourth All NBA stars, for his current achievements, we think he has not reached its peak.

"For Isaiah and Jay has always been an important part in our team, and Isaiah is in a tough situation after this season," said Victor Grossbeck, one of the Green Army bosses. The story of the race will go annoying, we may them all good luck. As the 2011 champion, 25-year-old Owen career averaged 21.6 points and 5.5 assists, last season to get a career high of 25.2 points.

The Cavaliers played 52 games in the playoffs, Owen averaged 23.9 points and 4.7 assists performance. and also you can buy nba 2k18 mt from our site. And the effectiveness of the Green Army three years, small Thomas averaged 24.7 points and 6 assists, Claude has averaged 12.8 points and 5.2 rebounds. Anji said: "Isaiah represents the meaning of the Celtic player, he by virtue of their own spirit and character to conquer the fans heart. Jay's tough in the team is very infectious, he is progress every year But his energy and strength will always be remembered, and we bless them and their families.

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