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According to Fox, the Houston Rockets core James Harden has donated $ 100,000 to the University of Texas at Southern Times, which will be used to help economically disadvantaged students. he is a kind man,I like him very much, and his ratings in the nba 2k games is higher than any other nba 2k18 players, and also I will sell some players to get more good nba 2k18 players to get more cheap mt 2k17 pc. I believe that all of you will do that kind of thing.

"Our students are from the city, the state of poor economic family," South University President Austin Lane said, "can get James - Harden's help, students have the opportunity to study and realize their dreams, this Kind of feeling is unparalleled. Harden last week organized a basketball charity tournament with all income for his personal foundation, helping children of single-parent families, mothers, and students with financial difficulties in the Houston area, and also you can buy more cheapest prices nba coins to courage them, who were given the opportunity to go to school. "The Foundation helps students who can not afford to pay tuition so that they have the opportunity to narrow the gap with others," Austin Lane added.

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