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the fans greatly concerned about anywhere James will go in 2018. Recently, Blake - Griffin was also questioned about that problem when he joined in a broadcast program as a guest. He said James is impossible to join the Clippers or the Lakers, but he may go to New York and joined the Knicks. Griffin was first asked if James would join the Clippers. He likes the host's question, but he does not have any hope. Next time, the host asked Li Fen, James will join the Lakers? and also when you guys concern about James, you can also think about nba 2k18 coins from our site.

 "I do not think he will come to Los Angeles. Listen, I'm totally unaware of him and the team is estimated to be planning, I do not know what will happen in the future, but I think they are trying to make it into reality. and also you can buy mt from our site. "I think he may go to New York before coming to Los Angeles, and when you play in Madison Square, there is really a different feeling that the energy and restlessness will last a whole game. James can jump out of the contract next year to become a completely free agent. Offseason, a lot of media broke the news James will join the Lakers next year.

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