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Even though Phoenix hasn’t brought home as many championships as the teams that appear the most in the game, it would still be nice to see one or two more of our favorite teams included. Though the rest of the NBA world might forget, the cheap mt coins Suns have had some pretty exciting teams that should be remembered in video game form. A slightly different team will be released next year, but no less impressive, the ’80-81 Suns went 57-25 and again lost in the Conference Semifinals, this time to the Kansas City Kings. Instead of Paul Westphal, Phoenix boasted defensive-expert Dennis Johnson.


He, Walter Davis, and Truck Robinson all averaged between 18 and19 PPG, and were all All-Star Game participants that year. Alvan Adams also had a good nba 2k18 season as well, averaging 14.9 points and 7.3 rebounds.15.9 points that year. Another reason to like it: Antonio McDyess’ only season with the Suns during his prime. With Danny Ainge as Head Coach, this team would win 56 games.

This was the best team of the Steve Nash era. Nash barely missed out on a third straight MVP while he and Stoudemire were named to the All-NBA first team. The Suns finally got their revenge by sweeping the cheap nba coins in the second round of the 2010 playoffs. This team that is led by Coach Alvin Gentry, decreased everyone’s expectations. Without Shawn Marion, Jason Richardson, Grant Hill, and Jared Dudley helped pick up the slack.

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