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According to NBA journalist Chris Sheridan, LeBron - James will leave Cleveland in the middle of next summer, and his current relationship with the Cavaliers' boss, Dan Gilbert, has come to an irreparable level. And also when you saw James play basketball, you can also get cheap nba 2k18 coins from our site.

But then the Cavaliers team reporter Joe Vardon denied the authenticity of the news, he said: "I said to 3 people who keep Intimate relationship with LeBron - James, and verify that he will leave the Cavaliers next year which is 100% false. Since then, Joe Vardon also said: "There is a people who is stand by James told me that any news about the NBA can not represent LeBron - James' personal thoughts. It is important to note that Joe Vardon was not the only journalist who had questioned the authenticity of the news, but also another NBA reporter, Sam Amico, wrote that the news was not real. but our site price about buy nba 2k18 mt is really cheap.

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