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Beijing time on August 16, the Lakers ranking Kobe Bryant - Bryant recently talked about his work of basketball animation film "Dear Basketball", this animated film is made as the name of the contents of the decommissioning of the adaptation. and also when you watch kobe Bryant play the basketball, you can also get cheap nba 2k18 coins. these time, you can also buy nba 2k18 coins from our site.


Kobe Bryant published a retired letter named "Dear Basketball" at the player forum on November 30, 2015, in which he announced his retirement date and recalled his poetic language Basketball career, that has become his basketball animation film content tone. The basketball movie is produced by Kobe Bryant, Sports Illustrated and Believe Entertainment Group, and the team's lineup is also luxurious, including veteran filmmaker Glenn Kino and well-known composer John Williams. the reason why he intends to incorporate the contents of the retired letter into the film with John - Williams, he said: "I originally wanted to retire the letter into the film because I want to cooperate with John - Williams.


"Bryant is a loyal fan of John Williams, the well-known composer of the United States, who has been" Star Wars "and" Harry Potter "series of film scores. and also the same as Kobe's animated film, our site also can give you many 2k coins. In addition, Kobe also said that he had the other work needs to do afterwords, he said: "We will continue to go to this road, this" Dear Basketball "is the introduction of animation and sports combined,and also A good chance of harvesting the market. "

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