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On Friday, 2K posted this tweet announcing all-time teams for each organization and 16 new classic teams for the upcoming game. you're unaware of the teams that are already included, here's a list of the squads that were in NBA 2K17 and will return in NBA 2K18.That's a healthy list, but there's obviously still a long line of memorable teams and stars from the past who still aren't represented in the nba 2k18 coins. The first that come to mind are Charles Barkley's 1992-93 Phoenix Suns and Reggie Miller's 1999-00 Indiana Pacers.


In a perfect world, both Barkley and Miller would be represented, but the two men have yet to give 2K the go-ahead to have their likenesses included in the game on classic teams. It seems unlikely 2K would include either of those teams without the biggest stars. Below is a more realistic list of teams that will bring the total to an eye-popping 63.Curry led the league in scoring, steals and free-throw percentage at 30.1, 2.1 and 91 percent, respectively. He shot 50 percent from the buy nba 2k18 mt despite taking 11.4 threes per night, draining 45 percent of his shots from deep. He was an absolute cheat code. The team also had Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut, which differentiates it from last year's title-winning club.

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