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NBA 2K has been the gold standard for sports games for years, Many fans are wondering the same thing now that screenshots of NBA 2K18 players with their rankings have been coming out ahead of its September 19 release.

Today, a new developer diary breaks down all the areas NBA 2K18 is making graphical strides, and these nba 2k18 ps4 mt belong to you guys, from more realistic bodies and higher fidelity face scans to authentic jersey colors and the largest collection of scanned shoes they’ve had to date. The video goes on to address one area of improvement called for by many people who play My Career – better character creation. This year, when constructing your My Player you can look forward to more varied body types, improved face scan technology, and a larger library of hair styles to choose from.

The 2K team captures different facial expressions, like one they call a “scrunch face,” where they maximize the compression to get every wrinkle on a player’s face. The “dunk face” is also a popular one. And also you can buy nba 2k18 coins from our site. Essentially, if a player has a signature expression, the team will get right.

Every player can’t get scanned each year because of their busy schedules, but 2K has a library of player scans it has collected over the years at very high resolutions. “We went back to scan data and we basically doubled the resolution of the face, and it was a ton of work,” says NBA 2K18‘s Art Director Anton Dawson. “It allowed a lot of these likenesses to pop a lot more, and it’s a subtle thing, but it helps.”


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