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Over time, the cliché about the last two minutes of NBA games changed. Where once the silly notion was “that’s all you need to see to have seen the whole thing,” the claim about -- and knock against .

There has been more truth to the latter in recent years than there ever was to the former, so the NBA is changing some timeout rules to address it. The league’s Board of Governors unanimously approved recommendations by the NBA 2k17 coins competition committee to reduce the number of timeouts, standardize the length of the halftime intermission and limit the wanderings of free-throw shooters.


All with the goal of putting more giddy-up in the game’s git-along, especially late. “We’re pretty happy with the length of our game,” commissioner Adam Silver told reporters Wednesday in announcing the changes. And also you can find cheap mt from our site. The average duration of an NBA regular season game has declined from about 2 hours 23 minutes.

“We were more focused here on the pace and the flow of the game. What we heard from our fans and heard from many of our teams was that the ends of games in particular were too choppy. I think since I was a kid, people have been talking about the last two minutes of our game.

Folks in the arenas should experience a sense of more action, less inaction. Folks viewing at home might share in that, though the league was careful to accommodate its advertisers: Now all timeouts will be 75 seconds in length that lasted 100 seconds and so-called “20-second” timeouts that really ran 60 seconds. That’s plenty of available time to see Chris Paul’s tree house crash through his garage again.


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