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The Chicago Bulls’ defense of their Las Vegas Summer League championship isn’t looking good. They are, however, right where they need to be in terms of their ambitions for the 2017-18 NBA regular season.Lottery balls love losers. And also you can get cheap mt from our site. And the Bulls look destined to be rock stars of losing this season.

A team that has staked out the next three to five seasons for an unabashed rebuilding plan ought to at least have the young, raw, underdeveloped yet promising players who can compete with the other teams’ kids.

 Not in their opening loss Saturday to the Dallas entry and most assuredly not in their 77-55 loss Monday afternoon to Atlanta’s collection of hopefuls, wannabes and neverwills.  And also you can buy nba 2k17 mt coins from our site. The Bulls’ first-round product last month thanks to the Jimmy Butler trade with Minnesota that made their trek down this dreary path official, shot 1-of-12 and 0-of-10 from the arc. Every shot the 7-foot rookie took looked like it was good, both he and Bulls GM Gar Forman maintained. 


It’s going to be vital for Bulls management to maintain a Russian-proof firewall between its plans and the locker room this nba 2k17 season. Not that the young guys are stupid, but if too much seeps in about the “Basement, please!” expectations, apathy might set in.

Valentine, for instance, at least was annoyed and aghast at his and the nba team’s performance Monday. Said he’d never shot so horribly in his life.

“Nobody is out there playing to lose,” he added. “We’re all out there playing to win. Of course you want a high draft pick [next spring], but we want to make the most out of the season. Our approach to the season is to be the best we can.”


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