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With the success of the NBA 2k17, there’s been a next-level hype for this year’s iteration of the game and publisher 2K Sports has finally announced it. NBA 2K18 is officially coming this fall, with Shaquille O’Neal and Kyrie Irving on the cover. And also you can buy mt from our site. It should be available across all platforms, including Android and iOS through the App Store and Google Play store.

The thing though is, the game won’t be free to download on those specific platforms. You have to pay a hefty sum to get your hands on this gem on the go. 2K17 coins made the predecessor available in both Android and iOS stores for around $8, so the ballpark should be the same for this year’s version. If you’re an avid fan who can afford that much for the game, it’s recommended that you purchase the NBA 2K18 APK officially there.


Third-party NBA 2K18 APK files will likely be rolled out a week after the Play Store and App Store versions are launched. and also you can get cheap nba 2k17 mt from our site. 2K already confirmed that they will release the game on September 19. If the site’s claim is accurate, the free-to-play version should arrive around September 24 to 26.


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