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Of all the offerings in NBA 2K17, MyTEAM's three-on-three Blacktop mode is both the best and the worst of all worlds. At its best, Blacktop is a quick and compelling game of strategy that forces you outside your comfort zone as a gamer and basketball-minded individual. and also you can buy nba 2k17 mt coins from our site. At its worst, Blacktop is a game of chance whose outcome is decided before it even starts.

This can be a bummer, but you can take steps to make sure you enter each Blacktop encounter with as few weaknesses as possible by picking the right cards, and the following is my ranking of the 30 most Blacktop-specialized player cards I've played with or encountered on the court. 

Obviously, always play to your strengths. and also you can buy mt from our site. But as it bears out in these rankings, the players I've found to be the most successful in Blacktop marry length and rebounding with lateral quickness and an ability to hit open, spot-up threes.

A real, true surprise to me in the MyTEAM. and also these free nba 2k17 mt coins belong to you guys. Brandon Ingram didn’t have the, uh, best rookie season, so I was surprised to see him grab a card in the Season Elite pack and even more blown away by his utility as a do-it-all monstrosity on the MyTEAM Blacktop.


But make no mistake: this one of the more rage-quit-y cards I’ve used against people, and between his speed, absurd length and locked in three-point ball, Ruby Ingram was ergonomically designed for Blacktop play.



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