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The shooting update was confirmed by "NBA 2K" game play director Mike Wang through a series of Twitter posts. Based on Wang's post, the changes brought by the shooting update are simple. and also you can get nba 2k17 coins from our site. If the players are good in shooting, the update will help them get better shooting accuracy. But if they are not considered good shooters in the first place, it would be harder for them to shoot.

Wang also revealed that determining who among the players will get a shooting ability boost will not be complicated, since those who already possess a shooting rating close to 99 will bet the bigger boost. and also these nba 2k17 ps4 mt belong to you guys. On the other hand, those with shooting ratings that will be less than 70 will get the negative effects of the update.

Meanwhile, other reports claim that the new shooting update will be one of the last tweaks to be introduced by the game developer since the current NBA coins season is almost over. This could mean that the game developer will soon come out with the next installment of the best-selling basketball simulation video game that will be called the "NBA 2K18."




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