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April 27, the "New York Post" news, the Knicks president Phil - Jackson and headed star Cameron - Anthony relationship between the rupture is no longer a secret, and also you can buy nba 2k17 mt coins from our site. but in Kobe Bryant - view, Zen Master Melon is not impossible to reconcile.


Kobe Bryant in an interview with the activities of the festival, he used his own experience, about the Zen master get along, "not only I worked with Phil during the unhappy, Michael (Jordan) and he had not, but experienced After the difficult period, we won the championship.


Bryant went on to say, "Our relationship has experienced a trough, and also you can buy mt from our site. but we have kept it down and have worked together better, and I think the most important thing is to stick to it and stay patient and sometimes it will be resolved."


"In terms of my experience, when Phil taught me, we had a difficult time, and it was the same in Chicago, but the championship trophy covered everything.


Bryant also said that when Zen Master as a team coach, and now when the president is different from the situation, the time shift is easy, can not be generalized.



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