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The 2K17 content season is entering the home stretch, and with most of the players having made their debut, it’s time to take stock of the biggest titans of the bunch. They are Yao Ming, Kenyon Martin, Michael Jordan.




The following are my picks for the 25 most unfair and/or ruthless world eaters I’ve encountered in MyTEAM over the last seven months of play. and my favorite nba 2k17 player is Yao Ming. I’ve also included a description of each player's “Kicker”—a.k.a. the flourish of programming that sends it over the top of “great” and into “ridiculous".



Manu Ginobili

Another one of the few Historic reward cards that has actually aged well, diamond Manu consistently outplays his 94 Overall rating and, fittingly, feels like a lane-jumping devil snake on the floor. and also you can get cheap nba 2k17 mt coins from our site.



Ron Artest

A horrifically slept-upon card that’s one part LeBron-stopper and one-part cannonball in transition. This nba 2k17 player are so good for me. And also we are giving away nba 2k17 mt coins today. and you can buy mt from out site.



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