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1. Stay True to Your Archetype

Let's face it, the quickest way to build a stud MyPlayer in NBA 2K17 is by spending 100 or so dollars to upgrade attributes and dunk packages. And also you can buy nba mobile coins from our site. The fact is, not everyone is ready, willing and able to invest that much real money to improve the performance of a fictional character. If you're looking for a more cost-efficient way to build your star.

When you're creating your My2k17 Player, you're charged with choosing a position and an archetype. Will he be a sharpshooter, a post scorer or something else? No matter what archetype you pick, be sure to focus on its primary strengths first. If you're an athletic finisher like my guy, Old School K.C. Lacey, then the best way to have an impact early in your career is to make certain you can shine in your areas of expertise.

If your player is supposed to be good around the basket, attempt to max him out in that area. It'll help you focus on strengths which means you'll add the chances of playing well and earning larger virtual currency bonuses.

2. Don't Neglect Practice

NBA 2K17's MyCareer journey includes several opportunities to work on your game and earn VC while participating in drills and practice events. While it's easy to see how some of these events can become repetitive, it's still free money. Most of the exercises are pretty simple, thus success and the highest rewards aren't hard to attain. These side missions -- if you will -- also help you improve your skills. The back-to-the-basket drills are especially helpful for a big man.

3. Crank Up the Minutes and Difficulty

The higher the difficulty setting in My2k17 Career, the more VC you'll earn. You'll have a contract that pays you a set salary of VC, but the higher difficulty settings serve as multipliers. For example, the Superstar difficulty setting will give you a 1.25x multiplier. You may be averaging a triple-double on pro difficulty, but you won't be getting paid your worth. Turn up the difficulty to Superstar or Hall of Fame and watch the VC count rise.

You'll also want to turn the minutes per quarter up to at least nine. The default setting is five minutes and quite honestly, it doesn't really give you enough time to put up the big numbers that can allow you to eclipse milestones, etc.

4. Play More Than One Mode

We're talking MyCareer, but NBA 2K17 coins games award you 2k17 VC whenever you play any mode in the game. This VC can be used to upgrade your player. Even if you're not a MyTeam, MyGM or MyLeague fan, it still pays to dabble in other modes. Earning VC in other modes allows you to control time. And also you can get cheap nba 2k17 mt from our site. In the event you don't want to have your MyPlayer struggle with modest attribute ratings early, you can earn VC that can improve your player before he ever steps on the court. His career is on pause while you're still adding to his skill set.

5. Set an Upgrade Schedule

At some point, someone told you not to spend all your money in one place -- or as soon as you get it. The latter rule is especially helpful when building a stud MyPlayer.

Resist the urge to spend VC to improve your player after every training, practice or game. And also you can get nba 2k17 pc mt from our site. Instead, use the in-game calendar in the MyCareer mode, or set a VC max before you go shopping.

If Wednesdays on the in-game calendar is your day to upgrade then stick to it. If you want to wait until you've accumulated 5,000 VC before you start spending.  The higher you ascend on the attribute bar, the more costly each upgrades, so you may have to raise that total to 10,000 or more.

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