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In a recent interview, Nash Steve said the new warriors have the nba 2k17 mt potential to be the best team in the league's history.

Nash said, "the warriors have the potential to be the strongest team in the history of offense, but I have to repeat it, I'm just saying that there is a potential."

In yesterday's preseason, the warriors 120-75 kuangtu clippers, they are a huge 71-33 advantage will get in after the first half. Durant also got a hit, easily cut. Game, warriors assists as many as 29 times, they hit a rate of three and 50% hit rate of more than 39, while they go to the free throw line 22, far more than their free throws last season.

"They have to find a way to play together," Nash said. "If they can find it, then they may be the best team in the game. But here the team culture is to become the nba 2k17 coins best defensive team, the attack will be a matter of course."

Today, with the 4 giants, the mighty offensive firepower, but this is just the beginning. The library yesterday said in an interview after the game, "we must remember that we are just together in seven or eight days, we will be better."

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